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Discover the heart and soul of Superfan Studio.

about superfan

Superfan was founded in Feb 2016 (Registered in Delaware) and is headquartered out of New York. The company has a 100% subsidiary in Mumbai (Cameraah Labs Pvt. Ltd.) and is backed by Techstars Toronto.

We’re a team of engaged, motivated, intelligent, and energized, troubleshooters who work hard, play hard, and are committed to making an impact. The team is diverse, ambitious & excited about what they do. We together hope to create a seamless organization that incubates and promotes innovation, excellence, and Superfan’s core values.

Our most valuable resource is our people, with a diversity of backgrounds, ideas, opinions, and life experiences. We hire smart, creative, passionate professionals who are always learning and developing their skills, technology experts who understand the big picture. Let us come together and make a big difference!


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Snehaal Dhruv

CEO & Co Founder

Foram Dhruve

COO & Co Founder

Krutin Shah

CSO & Co Founder